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What Our Clients Are Saying


"From the very first time we met with the ResATX team we were very impressed. We had our properties on the market for years and years with no luck selling. Their team came up with an innovative idea, and proposed breaking the property into multiple pieces to make us even more money than we were asking for initially! We had a great experience and will recommend ResATX to anyone who's asks us for advice on choosing a Realtor."

- David & Melinda -


"I couldn't be more pleased with the manner and service I received from ResATX during the sale of my home. They didn't pressure me into anything, and gave me sound advice on what to expect. They had an Open House the weekend my home was listed, then an offer four days later, and sold it just like that! If you are serious about selling your home, I highly recommend ResATX. I think they are the best!“

- John -


“ResATX agents are excellent realtors! They were knowledgeable and very professional, from start to finish, which was incredibly fast. They stayed in constant communication with us. When it came time to negotiate, they kept our interests at the forefront. We have used other realtors in the past, but would never hesitate to use ResATX again. This experience was handled beautifully. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

- Janette & Phil -


"Great experience! Very helpful. A+! The ResATX team is very friendly and felt like family. We have worked with other real estate agents in the past, but this has been the best experience yet. They were very patient with us, even though we, an older couple, tended to change our minds a lot.“

- Aurora & Ernest -


"They are the best 'demand generation' marketers that I ever worked with in real estate. We have sold several properties and flipped twenty homes and the ResATX team has been the best, by far. They do 100% of what they say they are going to do, and you never have to guess! They kept us fully informed throughout the process and were very responsive. They were absolutely our advocate and fought for us the entire time!"

- Joy -


"ResATX did an amazing job. We have had 5 realtors in the past and you all are by far the best. We will highly recommend you to friends and family. We really appreciated working with your team!"

- John & Jenny -


"The ResATX team was great to work with. They helped us get into a rental house immediately, when we moved to the Lake Travis area. They listened to our requests and made every effort to fulfill them. They kept in touch throughout the year, and kept us up-to-date with anything that fit our needs. The team was always available with very good insight into the area. When we found the house we eventually bought, it was a dream come true! ResATX definitely helped us reach that dream. I HIGHLY recommend them. My husband still contacts them regarding his business, for their expertise."

- Amber & JC -


"ResATX is really, really great! They came through for us when we were unhappy with another agent. They listened to what we had to say, which was super important to us. They were on top of things from the start, but also made themselves available to us at all times. One time we called while they were meeting with a client, and they stepped away to address our concerns. They had great recommendations when it came to the financial process of buying a home, along with answering all of our questions. Also, they were super friendly. I still keep their cards in my purse. I already let them know that they will be the first ones we will call when we are ready to sell or buy another house.“

- Sandra & Jorge -


"They were professional and fast. ResATX sold the property within a few weeks. Offers started coming in on the second day it went on the market!“

- JoAnn & Antonio -


"ResATX is awesome. I was so surprised at how much I got for my home. I leased it in 2010 and it sold in less then 2 days in 2015. The tenants did a number on the carpet and walls, but ResATX came to the rescue with contacts and resources. They are the best!“

- Faye -


“Fue una experiencia buena! Todo fue bien. Vendieron dos de nuestras propiedades y nos ayudaron a comprar nuestra casa.”

- Julia & Hector -


"It was an awesome experience! We got an offer four days after it went on the market!“

- Martha & Patrick -


"It went well! We found a house we loved and closed in two weeks, along with being able to sell our house after receiving a great offer!"

- Melanie & Dan -


“They did a great Job. I was very impressed. ResATX went above and beyond.”

- Karen -


"Overall, a good experience. They worked really hard to get us into our new home. We put ourselves out there, and the ResATX team went above and beyond for us.“

- LeAnn & Greg -


"Great experience! ResATX worked with us and did everything we asked of them. We had a tight schedule after first putting an offer on a house, but it only took about two weeks to sell our house. Now we have the house that my wife and I absolutely love.“

- Meredith & Josh –


“We are really glad we decided to sell with ResATX. We appreciate everything they did for our family.“

- Pakiza & Mohammad-


“Everything went smoothly. The entire ResATX team was professional and were there when we had questions.“

- Amy & Daniel -


"We hadn't been able to sell our house the previous year. ResATX talked to my wife and me and were very persuasive when we were hesitant. They did everything we asked, and more, to get our business. They treated us very well.“

- Katie & Jacob -


“We felt very relaxed throughout the whole transaction. They took very good care of us.”

- Whitney & Kevin -


"ResATX was amazing. They helped my family and me at a very difficult time.  They really stepped up and took care of everything for us."

- Keith & Melanie -


"Great service!"  Our experience was wonderful and our agent was helpful throughout the entire process. ResATX gave us so much detail. They were very thorough."

- Lupe & Linda -


"Resatx was very professional. I was very pleased with their services."

- Janet -


"The ResAtx team always kept us very well informed. They provided such wonderful service, and completed our sale in a short period of time. We have signed with them again for another property we are selling!"

- Sue -


"I've never had better realtors! I rate the ResATX team as A+++! They did everything they said they were going to. It was truly a marvelous experience working with them. I have already referred their services to a good friend of mine."

- Beverly -


"Their overall service was great!" They treated us like family and made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process. I felt very confident while selling my home and purchasing our dream home! They answered all of my questions and I have recommended the ResATX team to my daughter who is looking to purchase."  

- Frank -


"The ResAtx Team was professional but still very personable. My home was only on the market a week before it sold. Due to the multiple offers I received a price beyond what I had expected!"

- Robert -


"The ResATX team stayed in constant contact, and explained all necessary steps to make our purchase possible. We would definitely recommend them to our friends and family!"

- Homer & Maria -


"They were always proactive on both ends of my deal buying and selling. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family."

- John -


"We were very pleased with the whole transaction. The ResATX Real Estate team was able to get an even better price than we were expecting! They also negotiated repairs so we did not have to pay for the whole amount. If we sell another home in the future we will definitely use them. We most definitely recommend them to any of our friends or family."

- Diane -


"ResATX represented us with the selling of our home and the purchase of our new home. We specifically chose them because they were willing to do all the showings of our property. We appreciated this greatly! Their willingness to go the extra mile showed their integrity and professionalism. They were very attentive the entire time, and stayed in constant communication. With our purchase, they were able to work quickly to negotiate the deal within three weeks, giving us time for a smooth transition."

- Ray & Charlotte -